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"I consider myself to be a member of long-lived tribe, the tribe of music makers. We have existed as long as the human race (and probably longer). Respectful as I am of my predecessors, I don’t consider the traditions of our tribe to be formal and limiting. The truest traditions of music are innovation and discovery. It is the quest of every musician to develop their own relationship to the universe of sound. We all do this in our own peculiar ways. No one who directs the efforts of their life to making sound is to be dismissed or devalued.

Whether we choose the contexts in which we work or they choose us, we go forward, impelled by our various levels of interest to discover, to understand, to achieve techniques, to make our noise and put our stains upon the silences."

-Alex Ferris

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Like Anarchestra itself, this website is a work in progress.

New instruments and articles are being added. Most of the articles are from the journals of Alex Ferris. He occasionally edits and rewrites them to avoid the inevitable overlappings and repetitions that occur.

There are four main sections.

Anarchestra in the world. History, participants, recordings, etc.

The abstract contexts in which it exists. The motivations and methodologies to make and/or organize sound.

The instruments themselves. The generation of sound.

Methods of amplification and recording. The disposition / transmission of sound.

email: anarchestra1@gmail.com
to ask questions, offer suggestions (music to be heard, books to be read, ideas to think on, etc.), say hi, argue, come visit and play, get recordings, whatever.

"A living mind is in a continual state of change. While rigid opinions are useful as temporary tools for the sake of verbal clarity in argument --even argument with oneself-- a tool is only as useful as its aptness to its purpose." -Alex Ferris


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